INSPIRE NIL Program Launched By Leti And EVG


Leti and EVG Group has initiated a program in nano-imprint lithography (NIL) called INSPIRE to demonstrate the benefits of versatile nano-patterning technology and spread its use for applications beyond semiconductors. NIL is a method of fabricating nanometer scale patterns. It is a simple nanolithography process with low cost, high throughput and high resolution. It creates patterns by mechanical deformation of imprint resist and subsequent processes.

In addition to creating an industrial partnership to develop NIL process solutions, INSPIRE aims to demonstrate the technology’s cost-of-ownership benefits for a wide range of application domains, such as photonics, plasmonics, lighting, photo-voltaics, wafer-level optics and bio-technology. According to the published news, the program aims to lower the entry barriers by adopting NIL for manufacturing of novel products and study the feasibility of the new manufactured product using NIL process.

Further in an interview, Laurent Pain, patterning program manager in Leti’s Silicon Technologies Division commented, “Leti and EVG have a long history of collaborating on ways to bring new technologies to market at reasonable costs for the benefits of our customers. Through INSPIRE, we will develop new ways for them to use this flexible, powerful nano-patterning technology to create new products for a wide range of applications.”


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