Mikroprojekt Utilises Microsemi Platform For Development Of HMI Kit


Microsemi collaborates with Mikroprojekt that uses SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs platform to develop a fully deployable human machine interface (HMI) kit. The media release mentions that the highly-integrated kit is expected to provide an easy-to-use platform to develop HMI solutions with touch screen displays. Such solutions can be deployed across a wide range of industrial and building automation, digital signage, vending machine, medical, automotive and appliance applications.

An HMI is a software application that presents information to an operator or user about the state of a process, and to accept and implement the operators control instructions. Typically, the information is displayed in a graphic format.

According to the press release, the kit offers a compact hardware platform with add-on video input support, IP cores designed for high performance HMI touch screen display and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG GUI editor tool with pre-designed HMI templates. As stated, the kit is based on the Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs that integrate inherently reliable flash-based FPGA fabric, a 166 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor, advanced security processing accelerators, DSP blocks, SRAM, eNVM and industry-required high performance communication interfaces, all on a single chip.


Bruce Weyer, vice president and business unit manager at Microsemi, in an interview said, “We are pleased Mikroprojekt’s team sees the value and uniqueness of our SmartFusion2 FPGAs to enable Mikroprojekt to create innovative, compact HMI products for customers while serving as a platform to showcase its IP and design libraries. Mikroprojekt’s high performance HMI solution demonstrates the accelerated adoption of SmartFusion2 as we continue to expand Microsemi’s collaborations with design houses catering to emerging applications and markets.”

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Commenting on the collaboration with Microsemi for development of HMI kit, Damir Jezic, Ph.D., managing director at Mikroprojekt, said, “Using Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 devices to develop our solution provides our engineers with easy access to pre-packaged IP and hardware, in addition to exceptional features like low power, compact size, reliability and security—all with a high level of integration. The unique capabilities of SmartFusion2 allow our team to streamline the design process, shorten time-to-market, and reduce design costs and risks while providing Mikroprojekt a platform to showcase our leading capabilities to customers.”



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