Security Processors For Enhanced Performance


The new security processor NITROX V from Cavium for network and data centre applications provides three to ten times greater performance than alternative solutions within the same power envelope. According to the company, the security processor meets several trends that drive the need for high performance and new crypto and compression functionality in data centers. Among other major trends, the processor also meets high performance data compression with excellent compression ratios for data center traffic, as mentioned in the release.

According to the press release, “The NITROX V Security Processor family delivers unmatched SSL performance with 120K RSA Ops/Sec and 300K P256 ECC Ops/sec and bulk encryption performance of 100 Gbps for a variety of different protocols, flexibility to support emerging algorithms and protocols, latest IOs, virtualisation features, compression performance and very low power consumption, enabling Cavium’s cloud provider and OEM customers to deliver breakthrough next generation solutions which address these critical requirements, in an optimised, energy efficient manner. The single-chip NITROX V processors do not require external memory enabling lower cost, power and real-estate.”

Key features of NITROX V processors as highlighted below:

  • Up to 288 RISC Security Cores – Support up to 100Gbps of security performance simultaneously with 120K RSA Ops/sec for 2048 bit keys or 300K P256 ECC Multiply Ops/sec.
  • Compression Engines – Enhanced Compression/decompression acceleration – 100 Gbps. Support for GZIP, PKZIP, Inflate and Deflate algorithms. Also includes support for LZS Compression that is widely used for Storage applications.
  • High bandwidth IO – Supports 100 Gbps of traffic.  PCI-Express Gen3 x8 and Interlaken x8 interfaces.
  • Virtualization support – Single Root IO Virtualisation (SR-IOV) feature with up to 256 Virtual Function support.
  • Latest security features – Supports a wide variety of protocols including IPsec, SSL, TLS 1.x, DTLS and ECC Suite B. Also supports a wide variety of algorithms including several variants of AES, 3DES, SHA-2, SHA-3, RSA 2048, RSA 4096, RSA 8192, ECC p256/p384/p521, Kasumi, ZUC and SNOW 3G.
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