Easy-to-Use RTOS Development Tool For IoT Wearables And Home Automation


Green Hills Software’s latest release of its easy-to-use µ-velOSity that is designed for a small foot-print RTOS for IoT and low power devices ideally suited for applications such as IoT wearables, home automation and connected industrial sensors.

According to the press release, “The battery-powered or deeply embedded devices are being tasked to run increasingly complex software applications on microcontrollers with limited memory and clock speeds. It requires secure connectivity to other devices and the cloud. In addition, shrinking development schedules and growing code bases demand high quality and development tools that shorten the software development cycle and increase software code quality.”

The key features of µ-velOSity 2.6.2 as highlighted below:

  • New processor architectures added to the extensive list of processor architectures supported by µ-velOSity include new family members from ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-R and Power Architecture e200 architectures.
  • Customers are now securely communicating over unreliable networks with µ-velOSity and secure networking protocols SSL/TSL and SSH from Green Hills. Also available from Green Hills is the Embedded Crypto Toolkit– a comprehensive suite of FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic toolkit for developing high assurance data protection on microcontrollers.
  • New performance optimisations reduce interrupt service routine and context switching execution times, while hardware floating-point support for multi-tasking has been expanded.
  • Enhanced call stack utilities enable the developer to analyse and predict stack usage to avoid overflows – a safety and security hazard – especially important on memory-constrained microcontrollers.
  • Automotive customers are utilising new CAN bus support with µ-velOSity, which is another proven-in-use connectivity/communication option including USB, TCP/IP, SD Card, Bluetooth and flash file systems.


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