TRRUST-STORage SSD For Defense Related NAS Applications


The compact and small form factor TRRUST-STOR SATA SSD from Microsemi is designed for outstanding reliability, performance and security for applications in rugged environments. As claimed by Microsemi, it offers the highest security and capacity drive for defense, intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and other defense-related network area storage (NAS) applications.

The new TRRUST-STOR a military-grade solid state drive that protects sensitive data from environmental and human threats. Engineered specifically for defense applications, this 2.5-inch (6.35cm) SATA SSD drive with SLC NAND flash transcends limitations inherent in the memory media. The TRRUST-Stor high-reliability encrypted secure storage device provides unparalleled performance where data integrity, security and extended environment performance are mission requirements. The TRRUST-Stor SSD also contains key management features that can be customised for encryption applications. TRRUST-Stor solid state drives are the industry’s first SSDs to pass zero-failure testing at vibration levels that are consistent with the industry’s most severe environments. They are also suitable for military applications, including data recorders, avionics, rugged mobile systems and digital maps, fighter aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, mobile man-pack and ground vehicle applications.

According to the press release, “Microsemi’s new MSD01TAM3R TRRUST-STOR 1 terabyte (TB) SSD leverages the company’s miniaturisation technology in a compact 2.5-inch (6.35cm), 9.5mm form factor. The device’s reliability is further enhanced with long life single-level cell (SLC) flash and advanced error correction code. By utilising Microsemi’s Armor memory processor technology, the company also enables long-term availability to its customers. For sensitive applications, the encryption key can be erased in less than 30 milliseconds (ms), and a second security layer can be activated to erase the entire storage media in less than 10 seconds, rendering data forensically unrecoverable.”

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Further in an interview, Charlie Leader, vice president and general manager for Microsemi’s Power & Microelectronics Group said, “Microsemi’s 1TB self-encrypting SSD provides systems and security engineers with a single solution addressing the most demanding data reliability and protection requirements. We are committed to designing and delivering industry-leading highly rugged, miniaturized and secure storage systems where data protection is mission critical.”

Key features in MSD01TAM3R TRRUST-STOR include:

  • Capacity: 1TB reliable SLC NAND flash
  • 200 megabyte (MB)/second sustained read/write speed
  • Key management: multiple modes, including loadable advanced encryption standard (AES) keys
  • Hardware-based AES-256 XTS encryption, protecting sensitive data
  • DS-101 key fill port with key encryption key (KEK) and black key support
  • TRRUST-Purge clears encryption key in less than 30ms
  • Hardware based fast erase, erasing the entire drive in less than 10 seconds with validation
  • Mil sanitization methods/protocols
  • Self-destruct capability
  • Hardware authentication (optional) enables higher levels of security


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