MLCC Series Capacitors For Automotive And Defense Applications


AVX has unveiled its new series of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) designed to accommodate emerging military and commercial market demands for capacitors capable of high-reliability, long lifetime performance at operating temperatures in excess of the current 125°C requirement. The AT Series MLCCs are ideal for automotive, avionics and aerospace and energy applications.

Referring to the press release, the series exhibits features such as high current handling capabilities, high volumetric efficiency, high insulation resistance, and extremely low ESR and ESL, in addition to excellent high frequency performance and capacity retention with frequency and low parasitics and DC leakage for circuit stability and efficiency. Adding further, the capacitors are available in an extended range of sizes (0603 – 2225), values (100pF – 1µF), voltages (16 – 50V), and dielectrics (C0G and VHT temperature coefficients that differentiate the 200°C parts from the industry-leading 250°C parts).

As mentioned in the release, the series can also be used as decoupling and bypass capacitors and for DC filtering in motor drives and high frequency ripple currents, and is also well-suited for use in sensors and timing circuits, high-pulsed current circuitry, DC/DC power conditioning converters, DC current sensing and subsystems, AC/DC converters, and DC/AC inverters. In addition to this, the pricing for MLCC series can be made available on request only as stated in the release.



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