Low Cost Self Contained 3D Motion Tracker Module


Motion Trackers from Xsens; a subsidiary of Fairchild offers new low cost self-contained 3D IMU/VRU/AHRS motion tracking modules while incorporating the latest in advanced sensor fusion and miniature MEMS technologies. The sensor modules are ideal for high volume industrial and prosumer applications.

The communication protocol and API is identical across the entire Xsens product portfolio; making integration of the low cost MTi 1-series, de facto industry standard MTi 10-series and high-performance MTi 100-series easy. This allows designers to choose from the widest selection of 3D motion trackers suitable for their design, while re-using validated driver and application code from other projects, by reducing engineering time and risk.

MTi 1 devices are said to be individually calibrated and tested to enable minimal implementation effort. Each part offers a dynamic accuracy of 1° RMS for roll and pitch, which the company claims will make them the most accurate 3D motion trackers in their class. The MTi 1-series is a 12x12x2.5 mm PLCC28-compatible module that can output orientation, acceleration, rate of turn and magnetic field from its I2C, SPI or UART interfaces. The module’s onboard processing reduces the load on the application processor to lower the overall power consumption of the end system, while consuming less than 45mW.

The MTi 1-series is globally available and is priced at US $70 for 5000 units according to the company release.

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