Black X Dielectric For Cooler LEDs With Enhanced Thermal Conductivity


Addressing the challenge of overheating caused in LED packages, Litecool has found a new dielectric material which is expected to replace the conventional copper and alumina as dielectric. According to successful prototype testing conducted by Litecool, it has been observed that the dielectric material Black X exhibits thermal conductivity of 1000 W/mK which is three times higher than copper and 30 times better than alumina ceramic.

In reference to the published press release, “Dielectrics are used within LED packages to isolate electrical tracks but they hinder the thermal path causing the LED to overheat. Mid-lower, low cost LED packages use plastic as the main dielectric material. High-power, high cost LED packages use ceramics such as alumina as the dielectric.”

The LED packages have a thermal resistance of between 0.2⁰C/W and 0.5⁰C/W depending on the construction. This is up to 6x lower than the closest competitor which implies that LED can be powered with six times more current without overheating as claimed by Litecool.


“It is an incredible material. We have always assumed dielectric materials will hinder the thermal performance of our LED packages but this material actually improves it. The thermal resistances of the LED packages we have made are so low we had trouble measuring it. We had to use nine high power LEDs in one package to give enough power density to record any difference in temperature.” Robert Corbin, Project Engineer, Litecool

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