Quick Booting and Power Analysis with µModule Regulators For Power-Up Applications


Fast booting of systems along with power analysis of data in applications that require maximum power-up time such as PCIe-based platforms is made possible by using the latest µModule step-down DC/DC regulator with PMBus serial digital interface.  Referring to Linear Technology, product description the µModule has 70ms power­up time, 8ms ADC telemetry update rate and 400kHz PMBus compliant I²C serial interface. The end product of such applications are usually optical transport systems, datacom and telecom switches and routers, industrial test equipment, robotics and RAID and enterprise systems where the cost of electrical utilities, cooling and maintenance are critical and must be continuously and precisely measured.

According to Linear Technology Press release, “The LTM4676A is a dual 13A or single 26A, current shareable µModule IC. Maximum of four LTM4676A devices can be multi-phased to share current up to 100A output. Packaged in 16mm x16mm x 5.01mm (BGA) dimension, it comprises of EEPROM, power MOSFETs, inductors and its supporting components apart from exhibiting fast, dual analog control loops, and precision mixed signal circuitry. In addition to delivering power to a POL, LTM4676A features, configuration and telemetry monitoring of power and power management parameters over PMBus­ an open standard I²C­based digital serial interface protocol. The device operates from a 4.5V to 17V input supply and steps down V to two outputs ranging from 0.5V up to 5.4V. The operating temperature range is defined as ­40°C to 125°C.”

The LTM4676A is globally priced at US$ 33.95 each for minimum of 1000 quantities requirement as per the company media release.


The features exhibited by LTM4676A are as listed below:

  • Dual 13A or Single 26A µModule, Current Shareable up to 100A
  • Regulator with Fast Analog Control Loops & Digital Interface for Remote Power System Management
  • ±2.5% Current Read Back Accuracy; ±0.5 per cent Maximum DC Output Voltage Error Over Temperature
  • 70ms Power­Up and 8ms ADC Telemetry Update Rate
  • 16mm x 16mm x 5.01mm BGA Package, Includes Inductors, Power MOSFETs, DC/DC Converter, Data Acquisition System & EEPROM
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