On-The-Go HD Viewing Processor For STB Application


The new processor from ST allows subscribers to view HEVC HD content on-the-go with a portable set-top box by connecting to the internet. This processor uniquely integrates broadcast and broadband services, combined with the latest STB middleware and broadband software solutions to attain HD viewing while on the move. The all new STiH310 SoC powers Cube S which is a hybrid Internet and DTT set-top box. With 100 per cent Wi-Fi, STB gives access to more than 150 live channels and 10000 on-demand programs and entertainment apps like Deezer or Radioline, streamed securely over the Internet.

According to ST, the STiH310 address a wide range of needs from extensive support of HD premium content to all-integrated and cost-optimised solutions. The press release mentions, “STiH310 is a dual-core multimedia processor based on ARM architecture, collaborates powerful graphics acceleration with computing power of over 7500 DMIPS. It also supports a wide range of video standards (including H.264 and/or HEVC).”

“Our STiH310 processor brings 10 times more processing power compared to the previous generation of Canal+ Group set-top-boxes, making the Cube S one of the most powerful and innovative hybrid devices,” said Philippe Notton, Group Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics.


The key features are as listed below:

  • Dual core SMP ARM applications CPU delivering 7500 DMIPS, plus a quad-core GPU for true 3D graphics
  • Versatile full HD video decoding (including HEVC for the STiH310), combined with Faroudja® video processing technology
  • Advanced security supporting concurrent conditional access and DRM, to protect premium broadcast content
  • Wide connectivity, including USB 3.0, PCI-e, SATA and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dedicated interfaces to a range of companion front-end solutions, including MoCA 2.0, DOCSIS 3.0, satellite and 802.11ac WiFi devices
  • 28nm process technology chip


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