MEMS Sensors Solution From ST Microelectronics


ST Microelectronics unveiled its broad range of MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) technology based sensors for smartphones, wearable devices, computer peripherals, telecommunication, automotive, industrial and consumer markets applications. The ST MEMS sensor portfolio includes accelerometers, gyroscope, digital compass, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, MEMS microphones, UV Index sensors, temperature sensors and touch sensors.

According to the company, “Smartphones in the near future will have almost 20 sensors embedded in the device. Connected devices will grow approximately three times by 2020. Smartcities will drive need for smart lighting solutions, smartcars, smartparking facilities, smart metering, smarthomes and more. Therefore, MEMS sensors play a crucial role in accomplishing the desired task.”

“MEMS sensors used currently are System-in-Package (SIP) which deliver high-resolution and low-power consumption in an extremely small size. ST has started integrating multiple sensors- accelerometers, gyroscope, pressure sensors etc – in modules based on iNEMO technology for wide variety of applications,” said Mr. Vishal Goyal, senior technical manager marketing, AMS India, “ST has devised marketing strategy where the need and offering is classified into four major quadrants primarily into new and traditional product segment against new and traditional market. Relying on its range of MEMS processors and the devised marketing strategy, ST plans to take a leading role in this challenging, competitive and growing market segment.”



MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes enable the cost-effective creation of various motion-activated devices. Accelerometers provide data protection in freely falling or abnormal movement of portable devices instructing the system to stop all reading and writing operations. Gyroscopes complement acceleration sensors in man machine interfaces making gaming and remote pointing more exiting. Magnetic sensors measures the strength and/or direction of the Earth’s magnetic field embedded to a portable consumer applications for direction finding, map-orientation, location based services and pedestrian dead reckoning. Pressure sensors address demanding applications where full scale and high resolution are required: examples include the barometer feature in handhelds and more. MEMS microphones raise the performance of voice input applications in cell phones, notebooks, video recorders, gaming and digital still cameras.

Router Chip Delivers Speed To IoT And Smarthome

Things around us are becoming smarter. Enabling the sensors to sense the environment and communicate through our mobile devices using smart-power, will deliver exceptional power efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ST sees MEMS sensors to play an important part in the IoT and other applications to leverage the Internet infrastructure and put technology to better use. As an organisation, ST is committed to explore every opportunity, to play a key role to enable this next wave of human history.



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