High-Density Ultra-Capacitors For Transportation And Industrial Markets


Energy density is a key development challenge for the ultra-capacitor market and is fundamental if the technology is to eventually replace battery storage. Meeting the following demand, Skeleton Technologies has recently announced the launch its new range of graphene based ultra-capacitors that offer the highest level of energy density that will allow to maximise opportunities in the heavy transportation and industrial markets where weight and space are at a premium on the market.

Through the use of patented graphene material, the new series boasts of a capacitance of 4500 farads whereas the solution offered by its closest competitor is 3400 farads, as claimed by the company. According to the press release, “The new SkelCap 4500 series has been designed for mass-market applications and the needs of systems engineers. The format has been developed to meet the industry standard of a 60mm diameter cylindrical cell.”

Highlighting the features of the ultra-capacitors, the release mentions that it displays the lowest ESR (equivalent series resistance) levels on the market at 0.095 mΩ which is a crucial factor as it greatly increases the efficiency of the cells by reducing the amount of energy that is lost as heat.


“Graphene has long been heralded as a wonder material for a range of applications, including energy storage. We are harnessing the power of graphene to make the most significant advances in ultra-capacitor performance seen for several years and this is resulting in strong customer demand ranging from aerospace to automotive applications. However, a mass-market, graphene based product has been slow to materialise. Our ultra-capacitors will be that market breakthrough,” explains Skeleton Technologies’ CEO, Taavi Madiberk.

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