SYNERGised Platform For Innovative IoT And Industrial Product Development


Develop new innovative design with differentiated features for IoT and Industrial markets made easy with new embedded software platform. The Renesas Synergy platform allows design engineers to spend more time on new and innovative product development rather than spending time in writing codes.

According to the product release, Renesas Synergy Platform is a new, easy-to-use, qualified platform designed to accelerate time to market, reduce total cost of ownership and remove obstacles that a design engineers face during the product development. Adding further, “Design engineers primarily face challenges in acquiring and mastering new technologies apart from developing code for low-level system infrastructure, performing integration and test to meet aggressive schedules, all while facing intense cost and resource pressures. The Renesas Synergy Platform achieves this by using an innovative approach to new product design that lets engineers start product development at the API level.”

Highlighting the benefits offered by Synergy Platform, the release mentions that it as a comprehensive product that integrates software, a scalable family of microcontrollers plus all of the development essentials enabling designers to innovate and deliver differentiated products, thus keeping company ahead of the competitors.


According to Renesas, general availability of the Synergy Platform is scheduled for a worldwide launch in the last quarter of 2015.

Key elements that comprises Renesas Synergy Platform:

  • Renesas Synergy Software Package: This includes Express Logic’s X-Ware which consist of premier ThreadX RTOS plus X-Ware middleware NetX and NetX DUO IPV4 and IPv4/IPV6 TCP/IP stacks respectively, USBX USB Host/Device/OTG protocol stack, FileX MS-DOS compatible file system and GUIX graphics runtime library.
  • Renesas Synergy Microcontrollers: Includes new scalable MCU family that spans a wide spectrum of performance, power usage, safety, security and cryptography, connectivity, and graphics capabilities.
  • Renesas Synergy Tools, Kits, Solutions: The Synergy Platform’s Eclipse based on ISDE is available with C compilers from GNU and IAR Systems
  • Renesas Synergy Gallery: It recognises the need of product developers in the IoT space and their desire for plug-and-play add-on software components to reduce development time. The gallery is an online selection of quality software products from third-party software vendors that augment the Renesas Synergy Software Package.
  • Renesas Synergy Support: All components of the Renesas Synergy platform are supported directly by Renesas, giving a single point of contact for integrated support spanning software, Renesas Synergy MCUs and hardware solutions, thus eliminating the struggle customers often encounter when trying to get their hardware and software technical problem fixed


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