High Security Delivered Through Network Appliances With DPI Processors


A new class of hardware accelerated solutions OCTEON III SoC processors from Cavium aims to deliver high control and data plane performance with integrated L3-L7 security, including firewall, deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention and application recognition in various networking and security appliances, storage appliances, wireless infrastructure, switches and integrated routers.

A deep packet inspection (DPI), also called complete packet inspection and Information eXtraction or IX is a form of computer network packet filtering that examines the data part (and possibly also the header) of a packet as it passes an inspection point, searching for protocol non-compliance, viruses, spam and intrusions.

According to the press release, Cavium recently announced the launch of two new pin-compatible OCTEON III CN73XX and CN72XX families of multi-core processors that provides a powerful solution for mid-range performance points spanning 40 million to 160 million


Referring to product specification, “The new processor family SoCs pack up to 16o million that deliver up to 35GHz of compute, 40Gbps of application performance and 120Gbps of networking connectivity in a low-power envelope and compact footprint, providing an ideal solution for fully integrated control, data plane, and services processing on a single SoC. A fourth generation powerful and flexible new packet parsing capabilities are integrated that can process both existing and emerging protocols such as MPLS, NVGRE, and VxLAN at line rate, along with sophisticated traffic management capabilities that provide the fine grained traffic shaping and QoS required for application-centric networks.”

In addition to this, the integrated security processing capabilities are turbo charged with support for a range of new crypto algorithms including the latest SHA3 and enable 40Gbps IPSec using a single chip, to efficiently secure high-throughput enterprise, data center and wireless backhaul connections.  As mentioned, Cavium’s latest Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is able to scan millions of flows and patterns in real-time to enable enterprises and service providers to provide robust protection against security threats while delivering intelligent application based services.

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