TLC NAND Device For Consumer Applications


In recent launches, Micron has introduced the latest and new high capacity triple-level-cell (TLC) NAND devices that provide a purpose-built solution for cost-sensitive consumer applications that seek high performance and reliability. TLC is a technology that fits three bits in every flash data cell, creating greater cost and size efficiency. TLC NAND devices are value-minded parts used primarily in consumer products that don’t require top-tier NAND performance and endurance (fewer PROGRAM/ERASE cycles)—designs like USB thumb drives, client SSDs and other portable media devices.

Micron TLC 01According to the press release, “The new TLC NAND is built on their 16nm process technology. The new TLC part  spans four process generations and multiple technologies to ensure focused solutions for almost any application imaginable—everything from consumer and mobile to enterprise, embedded, and automotive markets. The latest memory device offers the same capacity as MLC NAND with a 28 per cent savings in die area”

As stated in the media release, the new 16GB TLC NAND is in production and is available for sampling. Micron has been sampling multiple partners, which will enable consumer SSD solutions based on this technology to come to market this fall. Micron also expects to release its own TLC based client SSD in that timeframe.


Further in an interview, Kevin Kilbuck, director of NAND planning at Micron said, “Our new TLC NAND technology meets the ever-rising demand for reliable high-capacity storage. We see 16nm TLC as an excellent solution for 2015 consumer applications as we drive toward 3D NAND TLC production in 2016.”

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