CMOS Converters For Power Management Application


Now the power density of DC-DC converters can be enhanced by the all new point-of-load (POL) synchronous buck converters that integrate complementary N-channel and P-Channel MOSFET pair. According to Diodes Incorporates, the MOSFET is designed to minimise the on-state resistance and yet deliver superior switching performance, making it ideal for high efficiency power management applications.

According to the press release, “Buck converters implemented using a separate PWM controller and external MOSFETs enhance design flexibility and provide for distributed heat dissipation from the switching elements. The performance parameters of the DMC1028UFDB MOSFETs has been optimised to attain maximise efficiency in 3.3V to 1V buck converters while driving loads up to 3A including a low 19mOhm Rds(on) at Vgs=3.3V for the low-side N-channel MOSFET, which is mostly on for two-thirds of the switching cycle; and a low gate charge (Qg) of 5nC at Vgs = 3.3V for the P-channel MOSFET, to minimise switching losses.”

The media release also mentions that the DMC1028UFDB uses a P-channel MOSFET implemented for the high-side switching element thus allowing a simplified design with reduced component counts, when compared to an N-channel MOSFET that would require a charge pump.


Features of DMC1028UFDF MOSFET are as listed below:

  • Low On-Resistance
  • Low Input Capacitance
  • Low Profile, 0.6mm Max Height
  • ESD HBM Protected up to 1.5KV, MM Protected up to 150V
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. Green Device
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