Experience Pen-to-Paper Writing In Smartphones And Tablets With maXStylus


Experience the precise ‘pen-to-paper’ writing on your smartphone and tablets with new controllers from Atmel. The following application can be realised using the maXStylus mXTS220 controller.

Referring to the product description, “The maXStylus mXTS220 is designed to provide high-performance active stylus capability for maXTouch T Series touchscreen controller system. The maXTouch controllers can seamlessly support maXStylus without additional hardware components or design changes. This controller eliminates the need for an additional sensor layer, lowering overall system costs for the OEM. It is also capable of removing or filtering the noise while operating under high noise environment emitted by ultra-thin on-cell stack-ups.”

The press release states, “The mXTS220 uses capacitive sensing to detect an active maXTouch sensor presence and responds with its own signals to indicate location, pressure, button click timing and other information. The maXTouch controller receives stylus information through the sensor while also detecting finger touches. After the maXTouch controller detects a stylus presence, special algorithms activate to process the stylus data to provide high linearity, accuracy, and resolution. Further processing provides excellent palm rejection, resulting in a smooth and comfortable stylus writing experience.” The release also mentions the use of these controllers in the world’s first on-cell touchscreen on ASUS Tablet.

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