Develop Fast And Efficient Customised Chips For IoT Devices


Fast and efficient development of highly customised chips for smart connected devices can be now be realised with the new hardware subsystem offering from ARM. The ARM subsystem is expected to support IoT market growth by reducing development risk and enabling companies to quickly create products that address opportunities in the smarthomes and smartcities markets.

ARM Customised

According to the press release, “The ARM IoT subsystem for ARM Cortex-M processors is optimised for use with ARM’s most efficient processor and radio technologies, physical IP and ARM mbed OS. Further the subsystem has been developed in close collaboration with TSMC, for production on its 55ULP process technology. The combination of Artisan physical IP and TSMC’s 55ULP process means the subsystem can run at sub-one volt operation, extending battery life and making it easier to run a device using energy harvesting.”


The ARM IoT subsystem for Cortex-M processors features a range of peripherals and interfaces; including links to TSMC’s embedded flash memory. It is specifically designed for use with Cortex-M processors and optimised for mbed OS and Cordio Bluetooth smartradio. It is possible to integrate other radios and wireless networking standards such as Wi-Fi and 802.15.4, as stated in the company release.

“With industry expectations of hundreds of billions of new smart connected sensors by 2030, we see a growing demand for highly customised chips. Creating a highly tailored SoC is complex. The ARM IoT subsystem for Cortex-M enables companies to simplify the process and improve time to market. It enables our partners to focus finite design resources on the system functionality that differentiates them in their market,” said James McNiven, general manager, systems and software, ARM.



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