Automotive Interface Companion Chip For Vehicle Infotainment


The new companion chip from Socionext is going to meet the growing demand of in-car displays such as Head up Display and a central information display. It is expected to link the gap between video and communication bridge providing interconnection between consumer chips and automotive interfaces

According to the media release, “The MB86R91 APIX Companion Chip enables the connection of modern high-performance application processors via various standard interfaces, such as single or dual Open LDI Flat Panel Display Links and DRGB888. The fully integrated High Speed APIX2 transmitters, with a downlink data rate of 3Gbps and an uplink rate of 187.5 Mbps, allow up to three high-resolution remote displays to be connected in parallel.”

Laying emphasis on the reduction of cost factor, the release mentions, “Socionext’s ‘Indigo’ family of graphic controllers helps in making the necessary savings on the display side. As the number of remote display units in vehicles continues to increase, automobile manufacturers are giving priority to reducing their cost per screen. Because Indigo family provides ‘remote control’ for the display, therefore MCU on the display side will no longer be required along-side eliminating the requirement of display’s CAN and TCON connections.”


Adding further, the release mentions that the evaluation boards and the remote software framework are available worldwide in-order to assist the suppliers to carry out their development independently of each other.

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