New TrueWhite LEDs For Retail Spots


Based on TrueWhite Technology Cree announced the launch of TrueWhite LEDs, aimed to deliver no-compromise LED lighting in previously untapped lighting applications such as high-performance retail spots apart from offering unparalleled light quality, performance and reliability to lighting manufacturers. Cree TrueWhite Technology is a revolutionary way to generate white light with LEDs. It delivers high-efficiency with beautiful light characteristics, while maintaining colour consistency over the life of the product. Cree TrueWhite Technology begins with the highest performing commercially available LEDs. Cree TrueWhite Technology mixes the light from red and unsaturated yellow LEDs to create beautiful, warm, white light. This patented approach enables colour management to preserve high colour consistency over the life of the product. Cree TrueWhite Technology offers a no-compromise solution by delivering greater than 90-CRI light at more than 140 lumens per watt efficacy in a small 19-mm light-emitting surface (LES).


According to the press release, company claims it to be the first LED Arrays to deliver 3500 lumens of high-quality light in the 19-mm LES required for retail spots. Comparing with previous LED solutions the release also states that this new technology allows lighting manufacturers to develop LED spots without making trade-offs among colour quality, light output, efficacy, lifetime or size. Further in an interview, Dave Emerson, vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs, said, “With an unmatched combination of high lumen output, high efficacy and high CRI in a small LES, Cree TrueWhite LEDs can enable lighting designers to deliver the benefits of CMH lighting without any of its disadvantages. This technology breakthrough, enabled by Cree’s innovative SC5 Technology Platform, can improve performance and lower system costs over existing solutions and can enable a new generation of LED lighting for applications with the highest light-quality needs such as retail, hospitality and healthcare.”



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