UltraSoC And Teledyne LeCroy Collaborate To Develop Debug And Validation Technologies


UltraSoC and Teledyne LeCroy has announced their collaboration for debugging and validation technologies development in order to reduce time-to-market by simultaneously reducing the overall development costs in a wide range of high-tech industries, from automotive and computer peripheral manufacture, to emerging IoT applications.

As systems are growing more complex, the development resources are stretched, anything that can accelerate debug, integration and time-to-volume becomes critical. The release states that the combination of Teledyne LeCroy’s ability to provide a high-level view of system behavior and UltraSoC’s capabilities to offer visibility deep within the SoC creates a powerful toolset that allows the engineer to quickly and instinctively understand the system’s operation, spot problems and devise solutions. Therefore, their joint development will benefit the engineers to design broad range of end-products for wide range of applications, as states the media release.

In addition to this, the release also mentions that it will enable system developers to track information, including time sensitive events, as it flows from one side of an interface to another and correlate it with internal software execution.

Commenting on the joint initiative taken by UltraSoC and Teledyne LeCroy, Rupert Baines, UltraSoC CEO said, “Teledyne LeCroy is the leading name in protocol test; electronic design engineers around the world rely upon their solutions every day. We believe that the combination of UltraSoC and Teledyne LeCroy technology will put a powerful and unique capability in the hands of those engineers, not just making their job easier but also fostering innovation and problem-solving.”

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