New Range Of Power MOSFETs For Industrial And Telecom Industry


Switching and conduction losses in industrial and telecommunication applications can be minimised  by using the new range of power MOSFETs from ON Semiconductor.

According to the press release, “The new NTMFS5C404NLT, NTMFS5C410NLT, NTMFS5C442NLT MOSFET series has breakdown voltage of 40V while the NTMFS5C604NL, NTMFS5C612NL and NTMFS5C646NL series has breakdown voltage of 60V. These devices exhibit low on state resistance RDS (on) and low input capacitance. Thereby, increasing overall operational efficiency by minimising conduction loses and driver loses. At Vgs 10V, the maximum RDS (on) values for 40V devices are 0.74 mΩ, 0.9 mΩ and 2.8 mΩ, with continuous drain currents of 352 amps (A), 315 A and 127 A respectively. Comparatively, the 60V devices displays maximum RDS (on) of 1.2mΩ, 1.5mΩ and 4.7mΩ respectively, while their associated continuous drain currents are 287A, 235A and 93A.” Adding further, the release also states that both the 40V and 60V devices are rated to operate at junction temperatures upto 175 ˚C, thereby, it gives engineers greater thermal headroom for their designs.

The release also mentions that the NTMFS5C404NL, NTMFS5C410NL, NTMFS5C442NL NTMFS5C604NL, NTMFS5C612NL and NTMFS5C646NL are all offered in compact, RoHS-complaint SO8FL (DFN-8) packages with pricing starting at US$ 0.42 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.


The features of power MOSFETs are as listed below:

  • Small Footprint (5mm x6 mm) for Compact Design
  • Low RDS(on) to Minimise Conduction Losses
  • Low QG and Capacitance to Minimise Driver Losses
  • These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant
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