New Smart Protection IPM For Compact Inverter Design


Meeting the ever increasing demands of rugged applications, Infineon’s all Intelligent power module (IPM) is the answer for high-power IGBT modules is designed to cover the full-voltage range of IGBT chips from 3.3 to 6.5 kV. A power module provides the physical containment for several power components, usually power semiconductor devices.

These power semiconductors (so-called dies) are typically soldered or sintered on a power electronic substrate that carries the power semiconductors, provides electrical and thermal contact and electrical insulation where needed. The high-power platform features scalability to greatly simplify system design and manufacturing. Additionally, due to its robust architecture, this packaging technology provides long-term reliability.

According to press release, “Infineon features a new dimension in smartprotection; the intelligent power module MIPAQ Pro is a qualified and tested IPM integrating IGBTs, gate drivers, a heat sink, sensors, digital control electronics as well as digital bus communication. An Infineon certificate is already embedded to provide authentication of original parts. Individual certificates can be stored allowing authentication of the installed IPM in the system. . This assures high quality and reliability of the original system in the short and more importantly in the long run. Moreover, system manufactures can profit from the control of the after-sales business if power stages can be authenticated. It comes in a half-bridge configuration with blocking voltages of 1200 and 1700V. Nominal current ratings of up to 2400A are supported. All key operating parameters are monitored closely and warning signals are issued. The new high power IPMs are available with liquid cooled as well as air cooled heat sinks.”

High-speed IGBTs Save Energy, Downsize Equipments

Adding further, the release states, ”MIPAQ Pro provides outstanding protection technologies. All key operating parameters like the output current (Iout), DC-link voltage (UDC), PCB temperature (TPCB) and switching frequency (fsw) are monitored closely and related warning signals are issued. Additionally, the operating temperatures (Tvjop) of the IGBTs and the diodes are continuously calculated and monitored.” Thus, it ensures that the IPM operates safely within the specified limits mentions the release. The release also states that the smartprotection along with a completely new design significantly extends the up-time of the application as adoptions can be done quickly via digital bus communication and an option slot which can be used to realise signal adaptations.

Referring to Infineon guide, the new MIPAQ Pro platform will be introduced with a 1700 V / 2400 A versions equipped with a liquid cooled heat sink (IFF2400P17LE4) and a 1700 V / 2400 A version equipped with an air cooled heat sink (IFF2400P17AE4).


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