IoT Devices With RISC Based Dual Core Application Processors


Samsung has recently announced the launch of ARTIK-1 chip which is a combination module for low end wearable devices, BT/BLE beacon, and IoT end nodes with a low-power application processor, memories, PMIC, sensors, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). ARTIK 1 is powered by two MIPS CPU based on elegant reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture which achieves better performance at lower frequencies and in a smaller area compared to competing solutions. RISC is a CPU design strategy based on the insight that a simplified instruction set provides higher performance when combined with microprocessor architecture, capable of executing those instructions using fewer microprocessor cycles per instruction.


According to the press release, Samsung claims ARTIK 1 chip as the world’s smallest form factor (12mm x 12mm) in its class. In reference to its technical specification, “The hardware includes a 9-axis motion sensor with gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer, as well as Bluetooth low energy connectivity. With a feature set tailored for wearables and IoT end nodes, ARTIK 1 is a mobile workhorse. The aim of this new chip is to target the power-sensitive devices to minimise fragmentation and enable faster adoption of IoT devices by deliver weeks of use on a single charge.”


The release further states, “The underlying architecture of the CPU clusters of ARTIK 1, two MIPS microAptiv processors are configured. The microAptiv UP clocked at 250MHz features a cache controller and a memory management unit (MMU) for embedded systems that run rich operating systems by delivering high-performance workloads.  While microAptiv UC clocked at 80MHz includes a memory protection unit (MPU) for fast execution of real-time operating systems and low-power variant.” Apart from this, the microAptiv features a secure debug interface which ensures a high level of security, and can provide added hardware-assisted safety for the main application processor, states the release.



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