New PowerSTEP IC For Industrial Automation


The powerSTEP widens ST’s motor control ICs offer with a highly integrated system-in-package for stepper motors. The powerSTEP is an innovative system-in-package integrating eight N-channel 16mΩ MOSFETs for stepper applications up to 85V with a SPI programmable controller, providing fully digital-control of the motion through a speed profile generation and positioning calculations. PowerSTEP supports both current and voltage control modes to help optimise the design within a wider range of application requirements. The voltage control mode does not require external sense resistors and provides a smoother motion. An extensive set of diagnostic features and protections, including thermal, low bus voltage, non-dissipation over current and motor stall protection

According to the press release, “The powerSTEP is hosted in a small 11mm x 14mm2 VQFN package which is ideal for stepper motor applications requiring up to 85V and 10A. The controller can autonomously generate motion profiles with acceleration/deceleration ramps and velocity and position targets; all programmable through a set of commands and registers accessible via a standard 5-Mbit/s SPI.”

The release further adds, “The power stage consists of eight MOSFETs with low internal resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 16mΩ typical, which maximises energy efficiency and minimises heat dissipation to simplify thermal management. The integrated control IC includes an intelligent motion engine to perform calculations normally executed in the main system microcontroller, which gives engineers extra freedom when selecting the microcontroller. Also by requiring only minimal external components, powerSTEP saves up to 50 per cent of pc-board space compared to a design with discrete control and power-stage components.”


The POWERSTEP01 is in full production available in the 14mm x 11mm VFQFN package priced from US$ 4.50 for orders of 1000 pieces states the media release of ST.

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Key features and specifications:

  • Dual full bridge with RDS(on) = 16 mΩ
  • 10 ARMS maximum output current
  • Smoothness with up to 1/128 micro-steps/step
  • Operating voltage: 7.5V – 85V
  • Easily programmable with SPI
  • Programmable speed profile and positioning
  • Adjustable output slew rate
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • Full set of protection functions
  • Adjustable output slew rate
  • Programmable speed profile
  • Up to 1/128 micro-stepping
  • Low quiescent standby currents
  • Programmable non-dissipative over-current protection
  • Over temperature protection


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