High Speed DDR4 Memory For Gamers And Overclockers


To meet the rising demand for memory products required by gamers and overclockers that deliver high speed and performance, HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology has announced the launch of its new Predator DDR4 memory. HyperX claims it to be the world’s fastest DDR4 128GB memory kit running at an astounding 3000MHz by offering low CAS latency and aggressive timings handle multiple processes in an instant. Column Access Strobe (CAS) latency, or CL, is the delay time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory column on a RAM module, and the moment the data from the given array location is available on the module’s output pins. In nutshell, the lower the CL, the better it is.

According to the press release, HyperX kit consists of eight 16GB HyperX Predator modules (16GB x 8) with ultra-tight 16-16-16-36 timings and XMP profiles for easy and stable overclocking. The accomplishment is achieved using the MSI X99MPOWER motherboard in an eight module; quad-channel configuration along with an Intel Core i7 5820K processor, adds the release further. The release also mentions that the Predator’s Intel XMP profiles are optimised for X99 motherboards for compatibility and easy overclocking, while maximum heat dissipation from the tall, black heat sink will keep the PC cool and quiet.

Features of the Predator DDR4 memory are listed below:

  • Quad channel available
  • Capacities 16GB – 64GB
  • Speeds up to 3000MHz
  • 2 & 1.35 voltages for stable overclocking
  • Intel XMP-ready profiles optimized for Intel X99 series motherboards
  • Exceptional clock and latency timing specifications to enhance overall system performance
  • Heat sink design achieves effective maintenance of speed while prolonging memory lifecycle


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