AAC Technologies Boosts Its Position As An RF Solution Provider


In recent merger and acquisition activity, AAC Technologies has acquired WiSpry Inc, a company that deals in tuneable radio frequency (RF) products for wireless industry. The addition of WiSpry’s RF MEMS portfolio for the products majorly related to antenna tuning and filters for mobile devices will boost AAC Technologies position as an RF solution provider.

The press release states, “AAC Technologies continues to build on its core competencies of simulation, design and manufacturing with this acquisition. AAC Technologies is growing strongly in the field of RF and antennas, and this acquisition enables the development of new solutions to conquer new challenges and complements the strategy to offer miniaturised component total solutions.”

On the plans to acquire WiSpry Inc, Jack Duan, COO at AAC Technologies commented, “With the continued growth of LTE-A and a demand for ever better performing mobile devices, WiSpry’s tuneable RF products will be critical in meeting mobile operator’s performance requirements. The deep knowledge and market experience of the WiSpry team is world class and unique. When combined with AAC Technologies’ extensive R&D and OEM relationships, we believe we will be able to provide market-leading integrated tunable antenna solutions to meet and exceed the toughest performance challenges.”


Further Jeff Hilbert, President, CEO and Founder of WiSpry said in an interview, “The combination of skills and experience, backed by AAC Technologies’ market presence and resources, will enable the combined team to rapidly innovate the new products and solutions that the customers will require, as we move rapidly towards an ever-increasingly wirelessly connected world.”



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