New Application Processor Kit For Wearable Devices


Quick and easy designing of application specific processors for wearable and IoT devices can be realised by using the latest development kit from Toshiba. With a push to connect everything to the Internet, Toshiba ApP Lite processors not only enable raw data to be fed to the cloud, but also carry out high-performance and efficient signal processing. They extract necessary data through sensors and image recognition, contributing to a reduced data load.

According to the press release, “The Toshiba TZ1000 series application processors are integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a low-power wireless communication standard, a sensor, an ARM Cortex-M4F processor and flash memory.  These functions are tightly integrated into a single package reducing mounting area for small wearable devices. The application processor processes the data acquired by the sensor and consumes very low power suited to wearable devices that require long battery run-times.” The release also mentions that reference board comprises of three elements- the hardware development kit, the software development kit and middleware.

Benefits offered by application processor TZ1000 series for wearable devices:

  • Important functions for wearable devices are integrated into a single, compact package, contributing to small system designs
  • The products integrate high-resolution ADC that can convert analog signals from external sensors, such as pulse wave and electrocardiogram, into digital data and deliver it to the internal processor
  • High-performance ARM Cortex-M4F with DSP and floating point processing unit enable a combination of data from multiple-sensors, both internal and external, to improve accuracy
  • Integration of a Bluetooth LE controller and an RF circuit permits transfers of raw and processed data to external equipment, such as smartphones and tablets.


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