Reduced Energy Footprint MCUs For Consumer Electronics


If you’ve been looking for a highly efficient solution, precise control and quieter motor in home appliance, mid-range office equipment applications, then the recently launched group of microcontrollers from Renesas is the answer to the soaring market demands with excellent cost-to-performance ratio.

According to the media publishing, “The RX23T Group is 32-bit microcontroller and suited for single inverter control and has a built-in FPU (floating-point processing unit) that enables it to easily program complex inverter control algorithms. This helps to reduce almost 30 per cent the man-hours required for software development and maintenance. Furthermore, thanks to the RX200 core, the current consumed in software standby mode (with RAM retention) is a mere 0.45μA. RX23T microcontrollers operate in a broad voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V, which is useful for inverter control, and is highly compatible with the RX62T Group at the pin arrangement and software level.”

Samples of the 12 RX23T MCUs are available now in package pin counts ranging from 48 to 64 pins and on-chip flash memory capacities ranging from 64 to 128 kilobytes (KB) for a total of 12 individual products. Pricing varies depending on memory capacity, number of pins, and package, mentions the release.


Key features of the RX23T Group of MCUs:

  • Highly precise inverter control and reduced development time for mid-range and entry-level devices
  • High power efficiency among the best in the industry for even lower power consumption in inverter products
  • Support for 5V peripheral I/O, making it easier to implement measures to reduce effects of electromagnetic noise from inverter drive


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