New Processor For Effortless 4K Video Editing


Focusing towards media composer editing requirements, AMD announced its collaboration with Avid to offer 4K workflow performance for the media professionals. Media Composer is the most proven video editing software in the industry, trusted by professional editors in every segment of movie making, television, broadcast and streaming media. Designed to handle high volumes of disparate file-based media, Media Composer delivers accelerated high-res and HD workflows, real-time collaboration and powerful media management, eliminating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on telling a great story.

According to the press release, AMD FirePro will empower Avid Media Composer 8.4 tool at the back-end to broadcast and digital content creation customers for successful HD and 4K workflows both for Windows and Mac professionals. Referring to the AMD product specification, “The FirePro processor is based on latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture. This design efficiently balances compute tasks with 3D workloads, enabling multi-tasking that is designed to optimise utilisation and maximise performance. The AMD FirePro professional graphics features AMD Eyefinity, a unique multi-display technology, which enables one graphics card to output high-quality (4K ultra HD) visuals on three, four and even six displays from a single workstation or PC. This reduces overall system complexity and allows multiple graphics cards to be combined and synchronised to create massive display walls with 10s and even 100s of screens.”

“We are excited to empower Avid Media Composer customers via our award winning AMD FirePro professional graphics family by delivering the right tools for broadcast and digital content,” said Karl Freund, general manager, Professional Graphics at AMD. “AMD professional graphics are designed to enable high quality 4K workflows backed by qualified drivers and exceptional software support. Avid Media Composer customers will benefit from AMD FirePro GPU memory and superior multi-display 4K capabilities.”

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Key specifications of AMD FirePro Processor:

  • GCN Architecture: Designed for rendering and GPU compute applications
  • AMD Eyefinity: Drive up to six 4K Displays
  • PCI Express 3.0: More performance with more bandwidth
  • Future-proof Performance
    • Application Optimisation and Certification
    • Support for open standards: OpenGL and OpenCL

Salient features of Avid Media Composer as highlighted below:

  • Edit 4K and other high-res media natively
  • Work in any resolution
  • Gain flexibility with DNxHR
  • Gain more creativity time
  • Eliminate the wait
  • Enhance imagery


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