PTVS Diodes For High-Power DC Bus Protection


The all new high current bi-directional Power Transient Voltage Suppressor (PTVS) diodes from Bourns address the power supply up-time and maintenance cost concerns in applications that operate outdoors or in harsh environmental conditions.  The PTVS comes in SMD package which offers reduction in peak clamping voltage compared to an equivalent through-hole device because of its lower lead inductance.

In reference to the press release, Bourns has launched two new PTVS6-058C-SH (58V) and PTVS6-076C-SH (76V) diodes designed for use in AC line protection and high power DC bus clamping. The release further lays emphasis on the use of silicon based technology for the TVS diodes that offer advantages such as lower clamping voltage under surge, greater performance stability and increased reliability. The device comes in through hole packages, meets the stringent IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 μs current surge requirements and exhibit excellent surge response versus temperature, as claims the company.

“Giving our customers a broader range of repetitive standoff voltage options enables them to select the right PTVS device specifically matched to their protection design needs without interfering with normal power line operations,” said Ben Huang, product line manager at Bourns, Inc.


According to Bourns latest PTVS products are available globally. Bourns Model PTVS6-058C-SH is priced at US$ 21.56 each and Model PTVS6-076C-SH is priced at US$ 23.51 each both in 20 piece quantities says the company release.

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