New Cryptographic Co-Processors For SmartDevices


Smartdevices with embedded cryptographic co-processors will be powering applications requiring high security. Cryptographic co-processor is a hardware module specialised for encryption and related processing. Such devices are built with numerous protection features that prevent unauthorised retrieval of their data. A cryptographic co-processor may provide only encryption, or it may include certain transaction processing.

According to ST, the all new STM32F469/479 microcontroller, based on the powerful 32-bit low-power ARM Cortex-M4 MCU (Microcontroller Unit) core augmented by the Chrom-ART Accelerator and ART Accelerator that speed-up graphics and real-time processing as well as access to the MCU’s program memories. Referring to the release, “The combination of the accelerators and the MIPI-DSI interface, the new MCU performs the demanding real-time system control, monitoring, and application.” As per the company, the STM32F479 MCU comes embedded with cryptographic co-processors that provide high security advantage for the application that requires extra protection.

ST Chrom Art 2


Revealing about the packaging part, “The new products exploit ST’s long history of leadership in both minimising the power consumption of its circuits and packing these complex electronic circuits into the smallest possible physical space. Minimising power extends operating time without a battery recharge, and shrinking circuits allows equipment makers to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for smaller and lighter products.”

According to ST, the budgetary price of the MCU starts at US$ 8.29 for the STM32F469AEH6 with 512KB Flash Memory in the BGA 169 package in volumes of 10K units. However, the MCUs are currently in the testing phase with their listed customer.

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