Gesture Enabled IC Boosts Battery Life In Smartphones


Directly activate a specific application in smartphone by simply drawing a letter on the screen with a finger is made real with the newly launched IC from Cypress. The gesture made wake-up the phone’s screen from sleep mode and open the application directly. Activating applications using gestures compared to traditional way of opening applications indirectly contributes to device thin design and long battery life.

According to the media release, “The Cypress’s TMA545 controller leverages the benefit of Dual Sense Technology to execute both self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance measurements in the same device. TrueTouch controllers offer the industry’s best waterproofing for seamless performance in real-world conditions, including the presence of rain, condensation, or sweat. By combining this powerful architecture with an industry leading 32-bit ARM Cortex M-Core processor that is known for high-efficiency MIPS/mW, TrueTouch controllers boast 120Hz refresh rates and low-power consumption. The controllers drive touchscreen at 10V and at higher frequency with narrow-band, single-pass scanning and advanced hardware DSP filtering.”

Adding further the release mentions, “Electronic noise from displays and after-market chargers can disrupt a touchscreen’s ability to operate seamlessly. Cypress’s ChargerArmor feature delivers unprecedented 40 volt peak-to-peak (Vpp) charger noise immunity measured from 1 to 500kHz with an ultra-thin 0.5mm cover lens and a finger-size up to 22mm—the most stringent specifications used to measure any touchscreen controller.”


Features of TrueTouch technology as highlighted below:

  • Glove: Touch detection through gloves up to 5mm thick. It provides full multi-touch functionality with thin gloves (<1 mm), two-finger plus gesture support with thick gloves (>2mm). No more missed calls or frozen fingers.
  • Passive stylus support: Supports slim passive stylus. Can sense a point as small as 1 mm. Improved handwriting capture and portability; easier to complete delicate tasks or navigation. It also exhibits built-in palm rejection.
  • Face Detection: Capacitive proximity sensing detects a face up to 25mm away. Disables touch input to prevent accidental touches. It turns off display to save battery. Saves cost and space by eliminating need for additional components.
  • Hover: Senses and tracks a finger hovering above the surface of the touchscreen. Works with gloves and long fingernails. Can differentiate between hover and direct input. Opens a new world of UI possibilities for 3D displays, gaming applications, and more.
  • Waterproofing: Accurately tracks wet or sweaty fingers. Rejects false touches caused by water on the screen. Touchscreen doesn’t stall or freeze in the presence of moisture. Devices in production today use TrueTouch to meet strict IP-67 waterproofing standards.
  • SLIM: A single-layer sensor manufacturing process with fewer steps and lower overall costs than that of multi-layer sensors. The industry’s thinnest touchscreen sensor stack-up, as thin as 0.6mm for mobile devices with screen sizes up to 5-inches (12.7cm). Excellent user experience with 10-finger multi-touch, gesture recognition, and best-in-class accuracy and linearity performance with a single-layer sensor.
  • Charger Armor: Unmatched noise immunity – up to 40Vpp. Improves SNR and reduces phantom touches. Works effectively with the noisiest third-party chargers for noticeably improved performance.
  • Display Noise Cancellation: External display synchronization helps neutralise noise from the LCD. First built-in hardware solution – no air gaps or shields needed. Ideal solution for all stack-up types, including display-integrated solutions.
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