Omni Directional M2M Antenna For Industrial Automation


Recently, Laird has launched the new LPS69223NT Omni Directional LTE Disk-Puck Machine to Machine (M2M) antenna with the industry’s most complete cellular and data coverage inside a discrete, weather resistant design. M2M refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. M2M is a broad term as it does not pinpoint specific wireless or wired networking, information and communications technology. M2M is considered an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and brings several benefits to industry and business in general as it has a wide range of applications such as industrial automation, logistics, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, health, defense etc, mostly for monitoring but mainly for control purposes.

According to the press release, “LPS69223NT Omni Directional LTE Disk-Puck Antenna from Laird delivers these by offering complete cellular 3G/ 4G LTE data coverage, a low-profile design, single port connectivity, all from a housing built to withstand harsh environments (weather resistance rated IP67).” M2M antennas in operational critical environments like manufacturing, warehouses, and field services, reliable and fast data access is crucial apart from alarm and control functionality for productivity and safety, states the release. Further in an interview Monty Rohde, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Antenna Systems for Laird said, “Tracking and tracing, sensing and responding to events, and collecting and analysing data depends on robust reliable antennas to deliver data and voice communications in extreme environments.”

Features and benefits offered by LPS69223NT M2M antenna as highlighted below:

  • Low Profile aesthetically neutral housing
  • Surface mount with stud & locking nut
  • Designed for both Indoor & Outdoor applications
  • IP67 rated for harsh environmental applications
  • LTE and 3G/4G data communications in a single solution
  • Applicable for both metallic and non-metallic surface
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