New eSE Chips For Mobile Devices


To safeguard the functionalities of the mobile device as well as transactions where users’ sensitive data such as payment credentials are concerned, the all new embedded Secure Element (eSE) chip from Infineon addresses the following requirement. The SLE 97 eSE is a tamper-proof chip available in different sizes and designs, embedded in any mobile device. It ensures the data is stored in a safe place and information is given to only authorise applications and people. It is like a personal ID for the end-user and for the device itself.​ ​​​The eSE is multi-applicative and allows to secure a wide range of applications in any type of device and in various use cases: payment, couponing, transport, access control, ticketing, corporate, Cloud computing, e-government. Depending on the device, eSE functionalities can vary, particularly the remote and secure way to retrieve data, secure connectivity, strong user authentication, device integrity, etc.

Referring to the interview Stefan Hofschen, President of the Chip Card & Security Segment of Infineon Technologies said, “Our embedded Secure Element chips can protect the device as well as user data and are thus essential for a seamless and secure customer experience in an increasingly connected world.”

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