Conflict-Free Processors For Smartphone And Tablets


Conflict-free 1, the new application processors from Intel are designed for tablets, phablets and smartphones. Tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold are referred to as conflict minerals. They are integral to the technology and other things that industry relies on every day. Everything from laptops, phones and tablets to cars, airplanes, lighting, and jewellery contain tin, tantalum, tungsten, and/or gold, which are referred to as ‘conflict minerals.’ Militias and rebel groups, sometimes, fund their violent conflict with money derived from the sale of these minerals. Therefore, the processors are also ‘conflict-free1,’ meaning that these products do not contain minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and/or gold) that are inadvertently funding human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Intel Conflict Free

Bringing the benefits of integrated Intel architecture and wireless communications to customers, Intel has announced the release of Atom x3, x5 and x7 processor series for the smartdevice market. According to the company report, “Intel Atom x3 processor series (formerly code-named “SoFIA”), is the first integrated communications platform for entry and value tablets, phablets and smartphones. Combining 64-bit multi-core Intel Atom processors together with 3G or 4G LTE connectivity, the integrated communications SoC combine the applications processor, image sensor processor, graphics, audio, connectivity and power management components in a single system chipset.”


Extending the entry level solution to premium devices the release mentions, “Intel also introduced its first 14nm Intel Atom SoC, the Intel Atom x5 and x7 processor series (formally code-named “Cherry Trail”) for next-generation tablets and small-screen 2 in 1s. Offering 64-bit support for Windows and Android, Intel Gen 8 graphics, and an option to pair with next-generation LTE Advanced connectivity, Intel Atom x5 and x7 processor series will power a range of mainstream to premium devices.”



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