Smartphones With Lightening Fast Download And Upload Speeds


Mobile devices are becoming progressively smarter, connecting us, entertaining us and enabling us to do more. Delivering 3x the download speed and 2x times the upload speed is now made possible with the new Qualcomm mobile processor Snapdragon 810.

According to the press release, as devices become more sophisticated, there is a growing need for faster cellular data speeds the Snapdragon 810 integrates LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation operating on compatible networks to take care of limitation on speeds, network traffics and cellular coverage, as most smartphones rely on only one radio channel for downloading and uploading of data. Carrier aggregation is the first step of LTE Advanced. It offers very high peak data rates as well as increased data rates for all users in the cell, and can bring higher capacity for bursty applications. As mentioned, LTE-Advanced with 3x Carrier Aggregation (CA), can support download speeds of upto 450 Mbps over three 20MHz LTE carriers.

Adding further, the release also mentions that device featuring LTE Advanced carrier aggregation operating on compatible networks can access a broader range of carrier cellular radio and can combine channels to optimise cellular performance i.e. making use of more cellular channels results in upto triple download speeds and upto double upload speeds. Also, the access to more channels increase network speed reduces network congestion and improves cellular reception even in remote areas.

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