ZigBee Enabled Smart Metering Solution For Gas And Electricity Meters


ADI has unveiled new IC for smart metering solution with wireless connectivity for its application in gas and electricity meters. This is attainable as ADI’s ZigBee based ADF7241 smart metering solution includes the ADF7241 transceiver and a ZigBee network protocol stack provided by Exegin Technologies Ltd. A smart meter accurately measures how much energy is consumed or generated and communicates with the local utility company for power monitoring, billing, and other purposes.

According to product description ADF7241 is a highly integrated, low power, and high performance transceiver for operation in the global 2.4GHz ISM band. It is designed with emphasis on flexibility, robustness, ease of use and low current consumption. The IC supports the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 2.4 GHz PHY requirements in both packet and data streaming modes. Adding further, the transmitter path of the ADF7241 is based on a direct closed-loop VCO modulation scheme using a low noise fractional-N RF frequency synthesiser.

AD ZigBee 01


The release also mentions, “The transceiver’s low-power consumption of 19mA in receive mode and 21.5mA in transmit mode makes it effective for battery-powered systems, such as wireless sensor networks, automatic meter reading, industrial wireless control, wireless audio and video, consumer electronics and ZigBee applications. In combination with Exegin’s ZigBee PRO stack, the solution can be deployed once for use on multiple bands for multiple applications.”

Joerg Klatte, head of Smart Meter Solutions at Elster Gas, stated “ADI is providing a uniquely flexible package that allows Elster to use a ZigBee software stack for both 2.4GHz and 868MHz bands. In particular, it enables Elster to maximise the battery lifetime of our smartgas meters while achieving better than state-of-the-art radio performance.”

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