Spring Contact Shrink Electronic Devices


As the size of electronic devices is shrinking, the reduction in size of the mounting area can further be attained by the new compact low profile spring contact. As the PC boards are becoming smaller and the components are re-arranged in high density layout architecture, these devices find a wide range of usage in consumer electronics, industrial equipment’s and automotive electronics applications. A spring contact is basically defined as a component that uses physical pressure to create an electrical connection between PC boards or between a PC board and a device.

As claimed by Alps the spring contact launched is the smallest dimensions contact available in the industry and is suitable for use in smartphones, wearable computers and other compact mobile devices. According to the press release, “The spring contact with compact size and low height of 1.4×1.4 mm, uses a unique double-spiral spring construction and precision processing technology. It exhibits high resilience against vibration and impacts, and therefore high contact reliability, can be achieved by employing a spring construction that enables vertical movement despite the square shape. Automatic adsorption is also supported. Additionally, a low height of 0.7mm makes the product ideal for wearable computers and other flat electronic devices.”

The features and specification of the spring contact are mentioned below:

  • Ultra-compact, low-profile spring contact (micro clip) with the industry’s smallest area
  • Compact, space-saving size of 1.4×1.4 mm and low height of 0.7 – 1.0mm
  • Unique spring construction realizes high resilience to vibration and impacts, ensuring high contact reliability
  • Square shape means orientation is not a concern during mounting, allowing flexible arrangement (e.g. arrays)
  • Supports 3A current despite compact dimensions
  • Shape prevents catching on fingers, improving robustness during the assembly process
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to +85°C


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