Optimised Sensors For Smartphones


Now smartphones, tablets and other display-equipped devices will be able to analyse the RGB components of ambient light for display image adjustment or perform backlight dimming based on the surrounding brightness levels by integrating color sensors.

According to the press release, the ROHM colour sensor leverages original infrared removal technology and computing methods to achieve the industry’s highest infrared cut-off characteristics, reducing the effects of infrared rays by over 10x enabling compatibility with dark (low permeability) optical windows in comparison to conventional color sensors that cannot provide accurate detection due to the effects of infrared interference when dark windows are used.

Rohm Color Sensor 01


“BH1745NUC is a digital colour sensor IC with I2C bus interface. This IC senses Red, Green and Blue light (RGB) and converts them to digital values. The high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and excellent Ircut characteristics makes this IC the most suitable to obtain the illuminance and colour temperature of ambient light for adjusting LCD backlight of TV, mobile phone and tablet PC. It is possible to detect very wide range light intensity,” as referred to the colour sensor product manual.

The colour sensor sample is available globally and is priced at US$ 0.72 for 4000 quantities order, as mentions the release.

Key features as listed below:

  • The Excellent Ircut Characteristics with an Ircut Filter
  • The High Sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range (0.005 – 40k lx)
  • Supports Low Transmittance (Dark) Window
  • Correspond to I2C Bus Interface (f/s mode support)
  • Low Current by Power Down Function
  • Rejecting 50Hz/60Hz Light Noise
  • Correspond to 1.8V Logic Interface
  • Programmable Interrupt Function
  • It is possible to select two types of I2C bus slave addresses


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