GPGPU Accelerates Medical Imaging Process


Migrating data into graphical form and using the GPU for analysis can result in 3x improved performance of the device. The general purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) which is essentially defined as parallel processing between one or more GPUs and CPUs analyse data faster than a traditional CPU as if it were in image or other graphic form.

The AMD embedded graphic processors with OpenCL platform from Analogic enables healthcare segment to help facilitate crisp, detailed medical image visualisation and other advanced graphics-driven capabilities, helping doctors provide improved care for patients.

According to the press release, the AMD Embedded Radeon HD 7850 GPU is based on GCN architecture that accelerates medical imaging. “The AMD Embedded Radeon HD 7850 GPU with OpenCL provides a powerful and efficient pairing,” said Cameron Swen, segment marketing manager, medical applications, AMD Embedded Solutions. As mentioned, AMD in association with Analogic, uses OpenCL to gains access to the GPU for general purpose computing referred as GPGPU, delivering enhanced performance, said the release.

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