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Enabling Fidelity with Advanced Motion Control: An Engineer’s Perspective

How stepper motors – which are typically not famous for smooth operation – became an enabler for the world's most sophisticated turntable. What has...
iot gateway

Build A Secure IoT Gateway

Secure IoT Gateway Reference Design connects Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and Sub-1 GHz Nodes to the cloud We’re hearing a lot about 'smart things' these days...

Tiny PLC Reference Design For IIoT

Tiny PLC reference design solves the basic design hurdles to implement Industry 4.0  Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are one of the essential components of most...
mini led

Next-gen Mini LED Rolls Out In Notebooks & Monitors

New mini LED (light emitting diode) products for notebooks, sports displays and automotive panels. Mini LED is a next-generation display technology that is emerging for...
risc-v processot

Open-source RISC-V Processor Ideal For IoT

Bluespec launches new RISC-V Processors to spur open innovation Bluespec has launched Piccolo, a new family of open-source RISC-V processors as a vehicle for open...