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smart consumer packaging

Wirelessly Charged Smart Consumer Packaging and Security Cards

Smart consumer packaging that lights up to showcase products on a shelf such as the backside of a Straub beer label is possible utilizing...

Low-cost LED-based TOF System Measures Distance Upto 3m

Lumileds and Luxeon demo cost-effective IR LED alternatives to VCSEL technology for the emerging TOF distance measurement applications such as driver monitoring systems, logistics...

ASUSTOR, Seagate Partner to Launch New Software for Hard Drives

The IronWolf® hard drives, which are powered with ASUSTOR NAS, allow critical parameter analysis, containment, interception and speedy resolution ASUSTOR, a subsidiary of Taiwanese major ASUS...

Ultra-Portable PLC for Industrial Automation

Maxim's new Go-IO PLC reference design drives intelligence to the digital factory edge, enabling active monitoring and communication of equipment health and status information...

Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker by Schneider Electric

Masterpact MTZ power circuit breaker have Bluetooth and NFC capabilities with companion smart phone app allowing maintenance staff to operate it outside of the...