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Microchip Launches EMC1815 which can Monitor Temperature at Multiple Locations

Low power 1.8V temperature sensors not only measures temperature fluctuation but also do data logging which regulates the applications. Microchip Technology Inc., the leading provider...

Virtual Industries Replaces Tweezers with Powerful ESD-Safe Self Contained Tweezer

Most powerful ESD-safe self-contained tweezers, VC-3-AW, designed to handle parts when moving them in and out of the burn-in tray Virtual  Industries, a leading supplier...

Stackpole Electronics Releases RPC-UP Chip Resistors with High Power Version

RPC-UP - ultra high power pulse withstanding chip resistors, ideal for using in variety of applications along with pulse handling requirements. Stackpole Electronics launches RPC-UP...

ROHM Launches “MUS-IC” with D/A Converter Focusing on Hi-Fi Audio Products

Leading audio equipment manufacturers already showed interest in adopting the ROHM’s ultimate IC solution under “MUS-IC” brand, once it is commercialized ROHM has launched...

RPM Modules Boost Power Density of DOSA-packaged DC/DC Converters

The new power modules from German module manufacturer RECOM have been successfully designed, tested, and manufactured in Europe RECOM’s latest innovation increases the power density...