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Power Limiter Module For Mission Critical Applications

Offers very low-flat leakage under high power conditions Has a fast recovery time of 1.5 usec RFuW Engineering's, a provider of RF and microwave...

Standalone VBUS-Powered Controller for 5V USB-C Charging Applications

Provides protection from damage by incorrect power supply Enables rapid USB-C charging without any coding USB-C is gradually establishing itself as an improvement to...

Compact Linear Power Amplifier For Small Cell Base Station Applications

Draws optimised power Also suitable for DAS applications and booster amps The QPA9421 is a high-linearity two-stage power amplifier from Qorvo with on-chip bias...

New Gate Driver IC Withstands Huge Ground Shifts

High power density in low-voltage power conversion systems Available in ultrasmall leadless TSNP package In Switching Mode Power Supplies( SMPS ), ground potential is...

STMicroelectronics’ BLDC Motor Driver ICs For High-Power Applications

The newest addition is convenient for designing household and industrial equipment Features robust power protection and availability of control algorithms STMicroelectronics has introduced four...