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air quality

Miniature Sensor For Compact Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Sensirion's SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor enables the implementation of innovative air quality monitoring devices that prevent air pollution damage PM pollution has become a main...
air quality monitoring

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality To Improve With New Gas Sensors

Gas sensors enhance end-user experience for indoor air-quality monitoring There are enormous benefits to both well-being and comfort with innovations in gas sensors which monitor...
power monitoring

Power Monitoring Chips Reduce BoM Costs

New power monitoring chips improve measurement accuracy for embedded computing & networking Managing and reducing power consumption is crucial in low-voltage, high-power applications such as Field-Programmable...

1.27 mm Pitch Connectors Achieve Extra Weight & Space Reduction

1.27 mm pitch connectors fulfill industry’s need for miniaturization and weight-saving in the most extreme environments Military and defense projects need solutions that ensure the...
infrared led

Infrared LED Offers A Good View For CCTV Cameras

New Infrared LED (Light-emitting diode) cuts the size and cost of illumination units for closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems The emerging CCTV cameras market for surveillance...