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digital image processing

Reference Design for MCU based Facial Recognition

The reference design deals with the design of implementing facial recognition using a microcontroller instead of a processor used earlier for the technology. A facial recognition...

Reference Design for Low Cost Wireless Audio Solution

The Reference Design is based on developing a low-cost wireless audio solution with Bluetooth 4.0. The design can be implemented in applications like small Bluetooth...
Fast chargers

Reference design for Mediatek based Fast Charger

Fast charging is a must-have feature in today’s phones. It keeps our batteries topped up through busy days. Fast charging increases the current sent...
power supply

Reference design for a 250 Watt ATX Power Supply

The Power supply comes under the 80 plus certification standard. The power supply is an integrated part of the power source for any Computing Device. The...
A designed lion charger

Reference design of Smart Charger for Energy Harvesting applications

The reference design is based on providing a low current providing Li-ion charger which can integrate with energy harvesting applications. Energy harvesting (energy scavenging) is...