RTC Meets The Vision Of Green IoT

rtc module
rtc module

Geared for IoT applications, EM Microelectronic’s extreme low-power real-time clock (RTC) module, EM3028, claims 40nA current consumption. It also features 1 ppm accuracy and long-term stability without the need for calibration during manufacture. The device can be integrated into tiny wearable applications due to its compact size.

The device’s 1ppm accuracy guarantees a staggering 30 seconds precision over one year, twice as good as the RTC previously on the market while consuming the energy equivalent of four water drops per day.

As claimed by the firm, an integrated backup switch and an extreme low power operation allow waking up a sleeping device even years after it has been switched off for power saving purposes, all at extremely low BOM cost.

Other key features of the product include 32-bit UNIX timer, operating voltage range as low as 1.2V, and plug-and-play, factory pre-calibrated non-volatile configuration setting.

The EM3028 is available as a standalone IC or in customized, application-specific modules, in combination with other parts from the EM portfolio, such as energy harvesting controllers, EM9304 BLE chip and a wide variety of sensors.

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