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Gate-Driver Board For SiC Power Modules Speeds Development

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Gate-Driver Board For SiC Power Modules Speeds Development

Analog Devices and Microsemi have launched a high power evaluation board for half-bridge SiC power modules with up to 1200 V and 50 A @ 200 kHz switching frequency.  The board is suitable for applications including electric vehicle (EV) charging, hybrid EV (HEV)/EV onboard charging, DC-DC converters, switched mode power supply, high-power motor control and aviation actuation systems, plasma/semi cap equipment, lasers and welding, MRIs and X-rays.

The companies assert that the isolated board improves design reliability, while also reducing the need to create additional prototypes. This is hoped to help power conversion and energy storage customers to save time, lower costs, and decrease time to market.

The board features the combo ADI ADuM4135 isolated gate driver + LT3999 isolated power supply controller + Microsemi SiC power module in half bridge configuration.

The new board can be used as the building block of more complex topologies, such as full-bridge or multi-level converters, for complete bench debugging of customer solutions.

The companies further said that the board can also function as a final evaluation platform or in converter-like configuration for full test and evaluation of Analog Devices’ ADuM4135 isolated gate driver with iCoupler digital isolation technology and LT3999 DC-DC driver in a high-power system.

The high-power evaluation board leverages Microsemi’s SiC power modules and enables them to provide benefits such as a common test bench, higher power density for reduced size and cost, and isolated and conductive substrate and minimum parasitic capacitance for higher efficiency, performance, and excellent thermal management, according to the announcement.

The evaluation board, EV-MS4135PL1Z-UI, is available for $495.

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More information: http://www.analog.com/en/about-adi/news-room/press-releases/2018/3-6-2018-analog-devices-high-power-and-high-voltage-isolated-gate-driver-board.html

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