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Power Connector Increases Density & AC Power Options

Power Connector Increases Density With 60A/blade
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Power Connector Increases Density & AC Power Options

Samtec has announced a higher density signal count and an ac power option in the EXTreme Ten60Power system. The ET60T/ET60S Series is available in both power/signal combinations and power only for increased design flexibility.

A new 5-row signal option allows for up to 40 positions in the same form factor as the 3-row option. For higher density without the need for additional space, the 5-row design features a 2.00 mm pitch, versus the 3-row on a 2.54 mm pitch.

The new AC power option provides greater flexibility to this modular EXTreme Ten60Power system, which is configurable to meet most application specifications.

AC power blades feature a 7.50 mm pitch to accommodate higher voltage levels, while DC power blades are on a 5.50 mm pitch to carry a lower, more constant voltage level. Additionally, the power blades can be selectively loaded to achieve any specific creepage and clearance requirements.

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