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Dual band Microwave Antenna Matches Increasing Capacity Demands

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Dual band Microwave Antenna Matches Increasing Capacity Demands

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has developed a new compact dual-band antenna solution that supports a traditional frequency band plus the higher frequency E-Band from a single antenna. Combining these two bands will not only help mobile network operators to keep up with increasing capacity demands, but also offers CAPEX/OPEX savings by minimizing transportation needs, installation time, and tower loading and rental fees.

The company notes that operators around the world seek to accommodate growing LTE demand, which has driven the need for more mobile network capacity. This demand is only going to become greater with the advent of 5G.

The antenna supports a low-frequency band that has good propagation properties and the higher frequency with greater capacity, allowing operators to leverage the benefits of both bands.

RFS will unveil the first of its multiple dual-band offerings –- a 2ft antenna that supports both E- band and 23 GHz frequencies –- at Mobile World Congress from February 26-March 1, 2018.

More information: http://products.rfsworld.com/dual-band-microwave-antennas,306,1,promoted_product,115.html

View Press release: http://www.rfsworld.com/articles/press-releases/rfs-announces-development-of-dual-band-microwave-antenna-solutions

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