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LED Advertisements Become Light & Flexible

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LED Advertisements Become Light & Flexible

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Neonelektro have developed new types of LED displays that are flexible, lightweight, and of an easily customizable size. These novel LED advertising panels enable the creation of a dynamic look for a large area application, or those that require a 3D shape, such as vehicles.

The OptIntegral project used a manufacturing process (combining injection moulding and printed electronics), in which the flexible electronics substrate was immersed in an overmoulded polymer.

Overmoulding was used to add optical structures to the display elements, improving the visual appearance of the product.

VTT’s measurements indicate that overmoulding lowers the temperature of the LEDs by around 20%,  improving the reliability and efficiency of LEDs. This makes the displays energy-efficient, lightweight, flexible and even three-dimensional.

The project implemented bendable LED substrates for the displays with a roll-to-roll manufacturing process.

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