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Expansion PCB Case Eases Installation Of Components

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Expansion PCB Case Eases Installation Of Components

Since it is often difficult to integrate into a closed case electronic components on PCBs equipped with items such as connectors, displays or switches, Fischer Elektronik is offering a newly developed line of cases, which are designed especially for installing components and feature unique functional properties.

The new U-shaped case sections, which are open on one side, have integral guiding grooves to accommodate electronic components or PCBs, as well as a slide-in cover sheet, the material thickness of which can be varied.

Four different sizes and six lengths (100, 120, 160, 200, 220, 234 mm) and with two surface finishes are available in the standard GD line of cases. The special geometry of the aluminium section enables the installation of membrane keyboards or front foils.

Mechanical processing, surface treatment and imprinting to customize the cases are also possible.



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