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58 mm Shaft Encoders Claimed The World’s Toughest!

Robust Angular Position Measurement for Extreme Environments
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58 mm Shaft Encoders Claimed The World’s Toughest!

Global sensors company, Zettlex, has launched a new range of 58mm Shaft IncOders – claiming it to be the world’s toughest encoder. The new range is non-contact devices for precise angle measurement in harsh environments. The devices are designed for aerospace, defense, medical & industrial applications.

The new Shaft IncOders are available in low-profile, 58mm diameter formats offering unprecedented resilience to shock, vibration, dirt, fluids, high pressures and extreme temperatures.

“Optical encoders remain the most common form of encoder but they are unreliable in some of the tough environments that many applications demand. IncOders use proven inductive technology that’s been hardened in some of the world’s most demanding applications – from the deepest oceans to outer space” says Mark Howard, Zettlex General Manager.

View Press release: https://www.zettlex.com/the-worlds-toughest-encoder/

Product information: www.zettlex.com/products/incoder

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