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New Dev Kit Lets You Quickly Prototype Environmental Sensor Applications

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New Dev Kit Lets You Quickly Prototype Environmental Sensor Applications

Supporting engineers to develop innovative sensor applications even more quickly and easily, Sensirion has rolled out its new evaluation kit for environmental sensing that combines plug-and-play hardware with an easy-to-use viewer software, the ControlCenter.

The evaluation kit, ‘SEK-Environmental Sensing’, includes a Sensirion SensorBridge, all required connector cables, as well as various sensor samples. Developers can evaluate all environmental sensors from the company using the kit.

The SensorBridge features two independent I2C channels that allow simultaneous evaluation of two environmental sensor samples.

The ControlCenter viewer software makes it possible to display and log the sensor signals for multiple sensors connected to several SensorBridges on the same PC. The software can be downloaded from Sensirion’s website.

Different versions of the kit with humidity, temperature and multi-pixel gas sensor samples are currently available; the evaluation kit will also work with Sensirion’s upcoming environmental sensor solutions, according to the company.

More information: www.sensirion.com/sek

Read Press release: https://www.sensirion.com/en/about-us/newsroom/news-and-press-releases/detail/news/sensirion-launches-new-evaluation-kit-for-environmental-sensors/

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